Blow Off Valves

Blow off valves by Turbosmart are manufactured with a focus on performance and reliability. Turbosmart blow off valves (also known as diverter valves, recirc valves) are made in Australia from tough and durable billet aluminium. Turbosmart offers a complete range of solutions from road car to race applications. The Turbosmart Kompact range provides OEM replacement parts, including the SEMA Best New Performance Product, EM (Electro-Mechanical) Kompact range for valves that require ECU communication. The BOV 5 range bridges the gap in the space between street and race where greater flow is needed in higher performance applications. Across the Race Port, Power Port and Big Bubba series, Turbosmart engineers and builds high quality race parts designed to handle boost control in higher horsepower applications, giving you maximum efficiency and performance in your turbocharged application.