Champion QC59C Racing Spark Plug Each


Champion Racing Spark Plug Each Cosworth QC59CChampion Racing spark plug are for Cosworth engines with high bhp for trackday and competition use.The colder (harder) Champion Racing spark plug is designed to work at higher temps or in a more hostile environment.The lower the champion spark plug part number, the colder the plug.These are priced per spark plug and requires 4 per Cosworth engine.For Sierra Cosworth YB red and green top engine, YBP Escort Cosworth small turbo silver top engine, Escort Cosworth YBT T35 big turbo blue top engine.Fits: Escort RS Cosworth, Sierra RS Cosworth  3 door, Sapphire RS Cosworth 2WD, Sapphire RS Cosworth 4WD, Sierra RS500 Cosworth.

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