Forge Subframe Brace for Vauxhall Corsa D Models including VXR


Subframe Brace for Vauxhall Corsa D Models including VXRThis subframe brace fits between the left and right sections of the front subframe. Vauxhall fit one as standard but it’s not up to the job, being only 2mm thick it can be bent by hand!This brace bar is made from solid 10mm thick stainless steel bar so it will never ever rust. Its re-fitted with the bolts you remove for the stock brace, and fitting is very easy, not even requiring the undertray to be removed. It instantly secures both sides of the subframe to prevent them flexing inwards during hard cornering, and better maintains the wheel alignment.A very simple and worthwhile addition to your Corsa.Details:• The material used is Stainless steel 304 grade, the size is 1” x 3/8 “

£43.78£36.48 (ex. VAT)

Forge Subframe Braces for Fiat Grande Punto and Alfa Romeo Mito


These twin braces for the Fiat Grande Punto brace the front subframe to significantly reduce any twisting that can occur when driving hard. Twisting of this subframe leads to changes in the suspension geometry, just when you dont need it.They have been fitted to the Alfa Romeo Mito, Punto 1.4 Tjet, 1.4 Multiair (Punto Evo) and 1.9 Mjet without issue, although they should fit any of the current Grande Punto range.Our high quality braces are machined from stainless steel to give strength and durability.Details:• The material used is Stainless steel 304 grade, the size is 1” x 3/8 “

£68.16£56.80 (ex. VAT)

Forge Motorsport VW Caddy 2004-2011 Rear Axle relocation plates


Forge Motorsport VW Caddy Axle Relocation Plates.When the rear suspension of the VW Caddy is lowered the axle moves forward causing the unsightly misalignment of the wheel to the wheel arch.This pair of axle offset plates corrects the wheel alignment by offsetting the axle to centralize the wheel.These plates are CNC machined from a solid billet of Steel for strength and Zinc plated to resist corrosion.

£86.87£72.39 (ex. VAT)

Forge Underbody Brace for Mercedes GLA 250


Mercedes GLA 250 2 Bolt underbody braceReplace the tired OEM rear chassis brace with this high strength lightweight replacement (over 27% reduction in weight). Helps to improve chassis stiffness and reduce flex during hard cornering, acceleration and braking. Machined from 6000 series Aluminium alloy finished with a clear anodised coating. Limited warranty on the material and manufacturing processes. Due to the harsh environment of where this part is installed the anodised finish is not warranted.Simple to install. Remove OEM brace and install Forge brace with existing bolts.Designed in our dedicated Research and Development Facility in Gloucester in the UK.Replaces OEM Part number: AMG A 176 619 0125

£120.52£100.43 (ex. VAT)

Forge Toyota Supra A90 (Mk5) Strut Braces


Forge motorsport are proud to present our solid billet strut braces for the superb Toyota Supra A90. Made in Great Britain and machined from 6082 Alloy, they will not only improve the aesthetics of your engine bay they will also help to reduce chassis flex, which in turn, will aid to improve your vehicles handling. The strut braces have been anodised gloss black to prevent surface corrosion and are also supplied with stainless steel fasteners to ensure the highest quality is met. As with all Forge Motorsport products, these carry our no quibble lifetime guarantee.

£265.88£221.57 (ex. VAT)

Forge Hyundai i30N/Veloster N Adjustable Top Mounts


After extensive development and testing we have created a pair of front adjustable suspension top mounts for the Hyundai i30N and Veloster N platform. Machined using billet 7075 aluminium and hard anodized to provide a factory appeal finish whilst also protecting the top mounts from any surface corrosion.The adjustable top mounts allow adjustments from +1.5° of positive camber all the way down to -2° of negative camber, giving you full adjustment to tailor the cars alignment to whatever your application requires.This ensures the geometry of your vehicle can be finelt tuned for perfect track handling.No cutting or drilling requiredTuned for perfect track handling.Our adjustable top mounts make use of a spherical bearing as it is best suited for applications where considerable camber or caster adjustments may be seen. The spherical bearing is also specifically designed to cope with the high loads and dynamic pressures that are seen through the daily use of the product.With a factory fit with no cutting or drilling required you are able to remove the standard factory strut top and simply refit the Forge Motorsport to the OEM suspension to gain full adjustment of your camber whilst maintaining the factory electronic suspension control through the N system.2-3 hours fitting - special tools required (spring compressor)

£318.25£265.21 (ex. VAT)