COBB ACCESSPORT V3 - 2016 Ford Focus RS MK3 (2.3 Ecoboost)
COBB ACCESSPORT V3 - 2016 Ford Focus RS MK3 (2.3 Ecoboost)
COBB ACCESSPORT V3 - 2016 Ford Focus RS MK3 (2.3 Ecoboost)
COBB ACCESSPORT V3 - 2016 Ford Focus RS MK3 (2.3 Ecoboost)
COBB ACCESSPORT V3 - 2016 Ford Focus RS MK3 (2.3 Ecoboost)

COBB ACCESSPORT V3 - 2016 Ford Focus RS MK3 (2.3 Ecoboost)

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The new in-cabin mountable Accessport V3 has a large, full color, higher resolution screen which allows you to monitor up to six parameters in real time. Fully customizable from the look (multiple bezel colors), layout (set up race, street, or dyno gauge clusters), and mounting options (choose from 1,000s of standard vehicle mounts). 

And what's looks without brains? More processing power, memory, and storage to flash faster while saving all of your maps and logs. This is your new COBB Accessport.

The Accessport is the world's best selling, most flexible, and easiest to use ECU upgrade solution for your vehicle. Unlock power hidden within the vehicle by replacing conservative factory settings with more aggressive calibrations.

Follow our staged upgrade path with pre-loaded Off The Shelf (OTS) maps or use custom mapping for any modification level. It's the last engine management solution you'll ever need.


Stage1 95RON Gains:     
Peak HP: 3% / Max HP 11%.  Peak TQ: 5% / Max TQ 11%

Stage1 98RON Gains:      
Peak HP: 5% / Max HP 13%   Peak TQ: 7% / Max TQ 13%

Generally speaking, 95 octane calibrations have a richer fuel curve, and a less aggressive ignition advance map to help compensate for lower octane fuel blends.

The maps designed for 98 octane are the most aggressive.



Ford Focus RS Accessport V3
  • Larger, full color, higher resolution screen
  • Customizable multi-gauge display
  • In vehicle mount, with on/off switch
  • Faster and easier to use with a familiar face
  • Interchangeable face plates


Simple Installation:
Everything is included for the simple installation! 
Intuitive on-screen instructions identify your exact vehicle and available maps.

Simple Uninstall:  
Revert your ECU to exactly as it was before with the easy to use Uninstall option from the main menu.

Trouble Codes:  
Read engine trouble codes to diagnose issues.  Clear them when resolved. 
Prevent expensive trips to the dealership.

Change Maps:  
Store up to 100 maps from our OTS map database or from your favorite COBB tuner and quickly switch between them for any need.

Use your Accessport as a gauge to monitor boost or any other live information, directly from the ECU.

Data Logging:  
Record multiple data channels simultaneously for in-depth evaluation of engine performance. 
Stores up to 10 hours.

Performance Measuring:  
Welcome to your own performance evaluation suite! 
Measure 0-60 mph time, 60 foot and ¼ mile ET’s. and Trap Speed.

Shift Light:  
Set custom RPM warning lights for perfect shifts every time.

AP Manager:  
Use your PC or Mac to manage maps, download recorded datalogs, or quickly update your Accessport.  Download free from right HERE.

Brand COBB
Code C-AP3-FOR-004
Weight 0.907kg
Vehicle Fitment 2016+ Ford Focus RS (2.3 ECOBoost)
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