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We have a wide range of cooling parts in stock for your Ford Sierra 

2WD Cosworth 82 Degree Thermostat

Motorsport Developments

This is a 82 degree thermostat for the 2WD Ford Sierra Cosworth.This product will drop the water temperature in your engine from its standard 88 degrees, perfect for those tuned cars, especially in the summer.Available without any gaskets, with a full gasket kit including (paper gasket, securing clip and rubber seal), an uprated Cometic gasket or with all for a discounted price.

£13.00£10.83 (ex. VAT)

4WD Cosworth 82 Degree Thermostat

Motorsport Developments

This is a brand new 4WD Cosworth 82 degree thermostat. These commonly fail, causing overheating and often terminal damage so change yours before it does. Beware, other suppliers don't give you the hard to obtain rubber sealing ring. We do.Included:1 x YB 4wd 82 degree thermostat1x 4wd Thermostat sealing ringPlease note:Don't be fooled into buying and fitting substandard products by people selling them who don't work on these cars. We have worked on these cars for in excess of ten years and only sell parts of known quality that we have personal experience of and regularly supply and fit ourselves in our workshop.

£14.50£12.08 (ex. VAT)

YB Temperature Gauge Sender Unit

Motorsport Developments

 1x Ford Sierra & Escort Cosworth Dash Temp Sender.This is a brand new temperature gauge sender unit to fit any Ford Sierra Or Escort RS Cosworth.Beware of cheap universal items that are floating around on eBay and never read more than 3/4 hot, if your YB is overheating you need to know about it and fast!These are the same sender unit we would use on any power YB that we build or work on in our workshops and have proven to be very reliable in our experience.

£15.50£12.92 (ex. VAT)

Uprated Ford Sierra Cosworth Fan Switch

Motorsport Developments

Fits:Ford Sierra CosworthAs many of you will know, the YB Cosworth cooling fan circuit is not really suitable for the amount of current the fans draw when on for long periods of time and this leads to the fan circuit overheating the fuse connector and relay terminals, resulting in a no fan situation.Secondly, on many cars, when the fans DO actually work, they often come on too soon, and then won't go off when you are moving. That's because the original system was a little close to the bone to start with and whilst on the standard radiator it is not always too much of a problem, put an aftermarket radiator on and you will run into switching problems such as the fans will stay on even on the motorway at 70mph. This is due to the heatsink effect from the alloy end tanks and the current draw from the system often leaves the ECU and fuel system circuit with woefully inadequate current supply, leading in some cases to damaged engines!This switch will usually switch on your fans at around 91 degrees C and off again at around 87 degrees C.It works the best and closest to those temperatures in an uprated alloy radiator, but it is a good upgrade for normal radiators too in my experience, working around 93/90 in standard radiators.We have fitted and sold literally thousands of these units with not one unhappy customer, so get those power sapping fans to work properly this summer.Please note:The switch you receive will be a different colour to the one pictured. This is a stock picture which, interestingly, lots of traders have copied. Are they actually selling you the right part? Take care out there...

£16.80£14.00 (ex. VAT)