Cooling System Parts

4WD Cosworth 82 Degree Thermostat

Motorsport Developments

This is a brand new 4WD Cosworth 82 degree thermostat. These commonly fail, causing overheating and often terminal damage so change yours before it does. Beware, other suppliers don't give you the hard to obtain rubber sealing ring. We do.Included:1 x YB 4wd 82 degree thermostat1x 4wd Thermostat sealing ringPlease note:Don't be fooled into buying and fitting substandard products by people selling them who don't work on these cars. We have worked on these cars for in excess of ten years and only sell parts of known quality that we have personal experience of and regularly supply and fit ourselves in our workshop.

£14.50£12.08 (ex. VAT)

Escort Cosworth Fan Switch

Motorsport Developments

Standard dual stage Escort Cosworth fan switch.This is a brand new radiator fan switch for any Ford Escort Cosworth. 

£15.32£12.77 (ex. VAT)