Cosworth Grp 'A' Oil separator & Catch tank - Highly Polished finish.

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Cosworth Grp 'A' Oil separator and Mirror image (of water header tank) Oil catch tank. - Highly Polished finish.

Helps modified engines breath better and can make more power once engine has been set up, replacing the original 20 year old breather system is a good idea, especially when it was only really designed for standard 215bhp.

The main difference between the fast road and the Grp 'A' separator is that the breather outlet which is located on the bottom of the fast road is moved to the catch tank, this  is were it is a must for Big BHP Cosworth's, its helps catch any Oil that the oil separtor can't cope with (due to high boost pressure etc.) and instead of the oil coming out of the seperators breather and going all over the engine bay, its collected in the catch tank were you can see and drain it.

The catch tank is also made to look like ta mirror image of the water header tank and sits around the left hand suspension turret.

Grp 'A' Oil Separator & Grp 'A' catch tank all for £225

Fitting kit available @ £26 includes: 25mm mini K&N style breather, machined alloy pipe for top of cam cover & Oil return pipe for side of block . Conecting pipe work is not included you will require 16mm & 10mm bore pipe

Weight 99999kg

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