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DeatschWerks DW65C series, 265lph compact fuel pump without mounting clips with Install Kit Fits Maz

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Product Code: 9-651-1017
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Drop in fitment for many popular applications. The DW65c fuel pump is a compact pump with a flow rate between the popular DW300 and DW200 pumps. Complete with installation kit. Outflows competitors 255LPH pump.

  • Application specific fitments available
  • Ultra-quiet turbine impeller technology
  • Available with and without mounting clips
  • 3-year no-fault warranty
  • Flow tested with custom report
  • 100% E85 ethanol fuel compatible

Please Note: Actual performance will vary from car to car. Please read below to understand more about fuel pump flow rates:

Understanding Fuel Pump Ratings

The flow of a pump is dependant on voltage and pressure. Generally, a performance fuel pump’s advertised flow rate is at 40psi of pressure and 13.5 volts. At this rating, the Deatschwerks 300 series fuel pump flows around 325lph, but depending on the pressure and voltage, it is completely accurate to say the pump flows 185hlph or 460lph (see the flow rate tables in the images below).

The chart above shows how well the Deatschwerks pump copes with the increasing pressures typically found in turbocharged cars, compared with the Walbro 255lph pump.

This is why it is always important to know what pressure and voltage a pump is being rated at.

More About Fuel Pump Flow and Pressure

Not all customers fully understand the dynamics of a fuel pumps flow in relation to pressure, voltage, and current. Because of this, many misconceptions and confusion can occur.

A fuel pump's flow will always drop as pressure increases, how much it drops varies from pump to pump.  This is why having detailed flow specs at different pressures is important and why Deatschwerks publish them.

The majority of customers who are in a market for a pump like the Deatschwerks 300 series pump, have turbocharged or supercharged cars (that is not to say the pump can not be used in a more mild performance car). Most of these cars will be operating in a total fuel pressure range of 60-80 psi (base fuel pressure + boost pressure), so they need to worry about what a pump will flow in their specific total pressure range.

It is almost meaningless to them what a fuel pump flows at 40psi of pressure. For example, pump A could be rated at 350lph and Pump B could be rated at 300lph, but if pump B out flows pump A at 70psi of pressure then pump B is the better choice for those running 70psi of pressure. 

Voltage will also vary from set-up to set-up, which is why Deatschwerks test their pumps at different voltages. Most cars will be getting between 12-14 volts to the pump but it is popular for customers to use a product like Boost-a-pump, which raises the voltage to the pump as high as 18v. That is why flow rates are shown at different voltages.

So in short, using the common rating point of 40psi and 13.5v, the 300 series pump flows about 325lph. But knowing the full flow rates ranges and specs is important to know how the pump is going to flow in a specific cars set-up.

This product is compatible with the following vehicles

Vehicle Make Vehicle Model Vehicle Variant From To Engine Notes
Ford Focus RS MK 2 2009 2011 JZDA 2.5L - FWD Petrol
Ford Focus MK 2 2009 2011 HXDA 1.6L - FWD Petrol
Ford Focus MK 2 2009 2011 HXDB 1.6L - FWD Petrol
Mazda 6 GH 2007 2013 MZR 1.8L - FWD Petrol
Mazda 6 GH 2007 2013 L8DE 1.8L - FWD Petrol
Mazda 6 GH 2008 2009 MTDI 2.0L - FWD Diesel
Mazda 6 GH 2008 2013 MZR 2.5L - FWD Petrol
Mazda 6 GH 2009 2010 MRCD 2.2L - FWD Diesel
Mazda 6 GH 2009 2013 MRCD 2.2L - FWD Diesel
Mazda 6 GH 2010 2013 LF 2.0L DISI - FWD Petrol
Mazda 6 GH 2010 2013 R2 2.2L - FWD Diesel
Mazda 6 GJ 2012 2.0L SKYACTIV-G 145 - FWD Petrol
Mazda 6 GJ 2012 2.0L SKYACTIV-G 165 - FWD Petrol
Mazda 6 GJ 2012 2.2L SKYACTIV-D 150 - FWD Diesel
Mazda 6 GJ 2012 2.2L SKYACTIV-D 175 - FWD Diesel
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DeatschWerks take a unique approach to building our high flow injectors. Other fuel injection companies offer only a couple different styles of injectors and leave fitting them up to the customer. At DeatschWerks every injector they produce is a drop-in fitment for its application. Their injectors are engineered to fit your OEM harness, OEM fuel rail and OEM manifold.

All DeatschWerks high flow fuel injectors are built using only quality OEM cores. In addition, each set is balanced to within a 2% flow variation. This means better fitment, easier tuning, and increased reliability. DeatschWerks back all of their products with a comprehensive 12-month warranty. To complement their range of high performance, drop-in fitment fuel injectors, fuel system specialists, DeatschWerks, have developed the highest flowing in-tank fuel pump yet. With a flow rate of 400 litres per hour, the DW400 pump comes with an application specific or universal fitting kit and a 3-year warranty. The pump is 100% compatible with E85 ethanol fuel.

DeatschWerks also have developed two new high flow in-tank fuel pump ranges, the DW200 series; with a lower flow rate (around 255LPH) and price compared to the DW300 and the DW65c series; a compact pump with a flow rate of around 265LPH and a more compact design. There is also the brand new DW400 series fuel pump with 415LPH Flow.

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