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Magnetic oil drain plugs have always been one of the best ways to trap and remove microscopic metal particles from a transmissions lubricating oil almost since vehicles conceived.

Sadly, these systems have been dropped in more recent years due to the relatively high manufacturing cost of magnets powerful enough to do the job we need them to do. This led to a sudden influx of cheap, alloy magnetic oil drain plugs from the Far East and sadly, small, cheap, magnets simply will not do the job, regardless of what our competition would have you believe. In fact, they could shorten your transmissions life! (See Our main website to find out why)

Every time you run your transmission, it becomes more and more contaminated with many thousands of tiny nano particles of harmful ferrous metal. These metal particles are so small that they cannot be seen by the human eye. They are mainly caused by friction and lots of it.

The human eye can only see a particle 40 microns or larger. An oil filter can only realistically filter out particles larger than 35 microns. The particles we are looking to catch with powerful oil filter magnets are about 35 microns or less in diameter, the smaller the particles the more harmful to the transmission because they travel everywhere under hydraulic pressure, (oil pressure), and act exactly like a fine lapping compound, continuously polishing down all surfaces. A fine grain of salt is 100 microns, white blood cells 28 microns, red blood cells 8 microns and bacteria cocci 2 microns. The only way to remove these damaging metal particles is with very strong magnetism!

The Dimple™ super drain plugs that we supply are the strongest high temperature magnetised drain plugs available, period. These magnets are the cure for your diseased transmission oils because you can now effectively remove those tiny particles of metal in your oil so you can have peace of mind that your engine will last longer, maybe a lot longer. This is great peace of mind and in the long run can’t fail to save your money as well.


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