Dump valves / Blow off valves

25mm Alloy Dump Valve Blanking Bung

Motorsport Developments

This is a dump valve blanking bung for blanking off pipes that once had a 25mm dump valve fitted.Please note, the actual item may vary slightly from the unit shown in the picture. 

£12.00£10.00 (ex. VAT)

25mm Twin Piston Dump Valve

Motorsport Developments

This is a brand new twin piston dump valve and the same type we fit in house to the majority of cars in our workshop as they are without a doubt the best valve on the market today with a very very low failure and leak rate indeed. This valve is suitable for all boost pressures and is of course fully serviceable.It comes with Motorsport Developments engraved in the top.

£94.80£79.00 (ex. VAT)