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Camshaft - Fast Road (Ford CVH) - CVHBP270B

Piper Cams

These are made to order, please allow 7-10 working days for dispatch.Profile: BP270.Application: Fast Road Camshaftwhen used in 1300 / 1400 engines.Unit Type: Blank.Excellent Mild Road when used in 1600 engines.Standard springs coil bind, Piper VSSCVH springs must be used.APPLICATION: Fast RoadDURATIONEXHAUST: 270°DURATIONINLET: 270°FULLINLETLIFT: 110°MANUFACTURER: FordPOWERBAND: 1200-6000POWERINCREASE: 10BHPPRODUCTTYPE: CamshaftTDCEXHAUSTLIFT: .070" 1.78mmTDCINLETLIFT: .070" 1.78mmTIMINGEXHAUST: 65 – 25TIMINGINLET: 25 – 65VALVEEXHAUSTCLEARANCE: HYDRAULICVALVEEXHAUSTLIFT: .440" 11.17mmVALVEINLETCLEARANCE: HYDRAULICVALVEINLETLIFT: .440" 11.17mm

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