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Ford Fiesta RS Turbo Temperature Gauge Sender Unit

Motorsport Developments

Fits:Fiesta RS TurboBeware of cheap universal items that are floating around that never read more than 3/4 hot, if your CVH is overheating you need to know about it and fast!These are the same sender unit we would use on any power CVH that we build or work on in our workshops and have proved to be very reliable in our experience.NOTE:Please ignore the coloured banding on the photo, we use the same photo for all our senders, you will receive the correct one.

£10.50£8.75 (ex. VAT)

Escort / Fiesta RS Turbo 82 Degree Thermostat

Motorsport Developments

Fits:Escort & Fiesta RS TurbosThis product will drop the water temperature in your engine from its standard 88 degrees, perfect for those tuned cars, especially in the summer.

£13.00£10.83 (ex. VAT)

Uprated Escort / Fiesta RS Turbo Fan Switch

Motorsport Developments

Fits:Ford Escort & Fiesta CVH RS Turbo modelsAs many of you will know, the CVH cooling system suffers from 2 main faults with regards fan activation.It runs too hot before the fans kick in The wiring to the switch is very poor and corrodes badly, leading tointermittent fans or non at all.When the fans work, they come on a little to late in our opinion and then often go off when the engine is still a little too hot. If you are on the standard radiator and intercooler it is not always too much of a problem, but put an aftermarket radiator and front mounted intercooler on there and see how close to overheating the engine gets!! Also, the poor wiring adds to your problems as the fan not coming in at all doesn't help matters in the slightest.We now have a solution to BOTH problems...This will switch on your fans at around 5 - 7 degrees C earlier than the original switch did, and switch them off with the engine slightly cooler too.This is an essential upgrade for anyone with front mounted intercooler or in fact anything that's making the cooling system work harder. We have developed this switch in house to meet our own criteria and it comes with a simple spade fitting making it very simple to connect up to your vehicles wiring harness as the wires can be connected any way around.Please Note:The switch you receive may be a different colour to the one picturedThe plug must be cut off your loom to enable use of this fan switch

£19.99£16.66 (ex. VAT)