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Focus RS MK3 Boost Pipe Kit - Pro Alloy

Pro Alloy

Our hard pipe kit for the RS MK3 is an absolute must for high power cars. It eliminates all the restrictions created by the standard boost pipes whilst offering added strength and reliability to higher boost applications. Easy fitment with no modifications required. We supply the full kit replacing the restrictive 51mm pipework with a strong lightweight alloy pipe with 63mm bore. CNC machined boss, stainless steel hose clips, high quality 5 ply silicone hoses with the turbo outlet hose supplied with high temperature Nomex lining for added strength. Can be used with the our front mount intercooler or with the standard unit.Available in either satin silver or satin black. Silicone hoses are black as standard

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Pro Alloy Header Tank - Focus RS / ST MK3

Pro Alloy

We tackled development of this product in a very different way to some of our previous products Using our own MK3 Focus development car, our in house design team spent many hours creating a 3D CAD model, then utilising our 3D printing equipment we were able to produce a full scale exact 3D printed mock-up enabling us to precisely check fitment and appearance of the tank in the engine bay.Once satisfied with the design our machine shop were able to produce elaborate press tooling enabling us to press the top and bottom aluminium bodies. This engineering technique has made it possible for us to create a beautifully designed, stand-out product that sits beautifully in the engine bay and really shows off the skills and experience that put Pro Alloy ahead of the competition.The tank weve created features a similar appearance to the original plastic Ford tank but with all the benefits of a pressure tested and durable aluminium part. Header Tank featuresStrong and durable pressed aluminium bodyUnlike anything else on the marketWill not fade, discolour & crack like the original plastic unitCNC machined mounting pins and filler neckLaser cut mounting bracketsTIG welded by highly skilled engineersPressure tested to 30 PsiDirect replacement for OE tank utilising original mounting points and cap.Supplied complete with fitting kit.Available in a range of attractive finishes.Fits Focus ST3 & RS MK3 Models.Billet sight glass fitted as standard to make it easy to check your coolant level.Available in a range of different colours and finishes. Textured black for a subtle OE look, satin brushed aluminium, or all out mirror polished - Perfect for your show car.

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Focus RS MK3 Intercooler - Pro Alloy

Pro Alloy

Even though we were one of the lucky few to get our hands on one of the first RS MK3's in the country, we decided to take our time with our new line of products and make them right. When fitting upgraded parts to a car hot off the production line, you'll be after the very best in quality, which is why (as always) we've designed our parts to fit to the same precision as the OEM part. No chopping or grinding to your car, a straight bolt on fitment, with comprehensive step by step fitting instructions included to make the job simple.The new all aluminium Intercooler features a large air scoop surrounding the core face to grab all the incoming air from the RS's front bumper, ramming it through the light weight tube and fin core. The end tanks are designed for maximum flow and strength and are shaped to guide the air through the core with as little resistance as possible. Each end tank is individually hand crafted by our team of Engineers, with precision TIG welding on the inside and outside of the tanks. This helps to improve charge air flow through the internal surfaces, as well as making them ultra strong - a massive improvement over the weak, OE crimped on, plastic part.Dimension differencesThe overall size of the unit has grown drastically, the stats below show how much more core we've managed to fit behind the front bumper.Standard Intercooler vs. Pro Alloy Intercooler key details:Standard Intercooler Core Details:    1 off Intercooler @ 615 x 195mm    Single Row Core    11 Live Tubes    External Tube size                = 80mm x 10mm    Internal Tube Size                = 79.6mm x 9.6mm   Pro Alloy Intercooler Core Details:    1 off Intercooler @ 680 x 220mm    Twin Row Core    28 Live Tubes    External Tube size                = 50mm x 8mm    Internal Tube Size                = 49.2mm x 7.2mmCalculated External Surface Area & Internal Flow Comparison:    24.9% Increase in external core surface area when the Pro Alloy Intercooler is compared to the standard Intercooler.    23.8% Increase in internal flow area when the Pro Alloy Intercooler is compared to the standard Intercooler.Results from testingFor months we gathered data to see how our new creation stacks up against the OEM unit. Controlled test on the Dyno as well on the road data logging. With a larger more efficient core and efficient end tank design the results are impressive. As well as our own testing we supplied a prototype kit to a well known Focus tuning specialist to enable them to compare our new kit to some of the other well known brands. The Dyno graph shows how the new kit stacks up against the competition.The dyno graph shows a 30% improvement in cooling efficiency when compared to the OEM intercooler and a 10% improvement when compared to the other aftermarket intercoolers.The 'fit and forget' bolt on type of fitting also makes the installation easily reversible if you want to return back to standard. All our intercoolers are pressure tested to insure they can handle the required boost pressures they're up against once installed. As with all our products, this is covered by our warranty policy to back up our confidence in our products.Available in satin silver or satin black, with or without core face logo.

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Focus RS MK3 Radiator - Pro Alloy

Pro Alloy

Pro Alloy is one of the first motorsport companies worldwide to develop a radiator upgrade for the MK3, all designed, tested and built in our UK manufacturing facility using our own MK3 development vehicle. This has given us the opportunity to carry out some long term durability & performance testing with our first development radiator which clocked up in excess of 20,000 road and track miles.As with most modern production cars the standard front end packaging is very compact with all the available space being used very efficiently. This creates a number of challenges when trying to design an up-rated unit which fits without the need to modify the car. Due to these factors it was quickly apparent that there wouldnt be space within the constraints of the standard cooling hardware to install a radiator which has a huge increase in surface area.Our connections with the Ford design team and engineers confirmed that the cooling performance of the standard set-up was actually pretty effective with the standard cars running close to thermostat opening point even under full load. They did however highlight that flow rates around the system are critical, and a reduction in flow through the radiator could affect water flow down to the Power Transfer Unit (PTU) which could cause reliability issue. This therefore ruled out building a multi pass radiator as this could cause too greater flow restriction and potentially create issues with the cooling of the PTU.Due to these factors we have focused on looking for gains in surface area, internal water flow around the system, and reliability. As most tuned and modified cars are likely to be fitted with larger, up-rated intercoolers the ambient airflow to the radiator can be compromised, we have therefore increased the tube pitching of the new radiator core to maintain good ambient airflow through the radiator and with an increase in core thickness of 11%, achieved a gain in internal water flow of 5%. The increases we were able to make to the frontal area of the core ultimately giving an increase in surface area of 4.5%. The new Pro Alloy radiator is of an all aluminium construction and is skilfully TIG welded by our highly trained engineers. Being aluminium there are no plastic end tanks like the ones found on the original Ford unit - This mass produced style of radiator is always a weak point in any cooling system as the plastic are well known for bursting or cracking.This new radiator upgrade is the perfect addition to our ever expanding range of Focus RS MK3 products and has been designed to give improved performance and reliability on both modified and completely standard cars. Our skilled engineers have replicated all the original mounting points to enable a really simple installation and the standard fan assembly to be refitted just like the OE unit.This upgrade is available in either satin silver or satin black.

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