Focus RS Pro-Series Black Airtec Charge Cooler radiator Upgrade 'Huge 70mm core'

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Approximate Dimensions:


Height 150mm

Thickness 70mm

Width 920mm

Focus RS Pro-Series Satin Black Airtec Charge Cooler radiator Upgrade 'Huge 70mm core' No extra modifing needed, simply uses all original fixings and hoses, a perfect DIY job at home.

Pro-Series Satin black, give your Focus RS the ultimate stealth look with our new Pro-Series range.

Simply by replacing the original charge cooler radiator will improve the original charge cooler system itself , working at a more realistic temperture

The original ford radiator works well on standard car but as soon a they are re-mapped + more the original ford 40mm core radiator struggles to keep tempertures safe and this is were Airtecs new 70mm alloy radiator comes in! its nearly double the size of the standard ford unit, which in turn keeps the temperture at a safer level.

 It also adds a very nice visual impact to the front view of your Focus RS with stealth satin black finish, an even more menicing look!

Weight 99999kg

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