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Additional E-Tune revisions

COBB Tuning

E-Tune: Extra revisions:For COBB Accessport owners who have been advised by our calibrator to buy more tuning time.Most of our custom tuning is done remotely on the COBB Accessport platform and all our MSD tunes come with a minimum of 2x custom E-Tunes built into the purchase price and these will normally see the job done perfectly. However, sometimes you want to add more hardware down the line and want us to look at dialling this in for you or have a problem you are trying to overcome and need our guidance via datalogging. This is where you buy the additional E-Tunes needed for those situations.They are priced at only £60 each and for that you will get 1x tuned calibration back from us after sending us your datalogs.Please ensure you are running the correct and latest data-logging instruction sheet by asking us to send you the correct one for the task in hand as we have various forms to suit different tasks. Note:ONLY buy this tuning time If one of our calibrators has specifically advised you to do so.

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COBB Accessport with MSD Etune for Focus ST

MSD E-Tune - Ford Focus ST250 (2.0 Ecoboost)

Motorsport Developments

The MSD E-TuneThis is a bespoke product for those customers who already own the awesome COBB Accessport V3. We will supply our renowned MSD calibrations as a stand alone purchase via e-mail for self installation onto your vehicle which we can then tune remotely via datalogging should you wish. All our E-Tunes come with a number of built in E-tunes for instant custom tuning.To purchase, simply fill in the form below and head to checkout. We aim to deliver all our E-Tunes the very same business day if ordered before 13:00 GMT. Tunes ordered outside of business hours will be sent out the next working day.Further information is available in the tabs at the bottom:This is a complex product so we have provided much more information in the calibration, driving enhancements, hardware requirements and videos / links tabs further down for those customers who need more info. There is also a link to the dedicated Focus ST MK3/3.5 tuning page of our website where you can learn a lot more.

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MSD Multimaps Switchable Burbles

Motorsport Developments

Burbles, love them or hate them they are one of our most requested features for the 2litre Ecoboost.Until recently, we didnt offer them as we are firmly against associating our tuning platform with the horrendous "Gunshot style" pop and bang map that is causing so many anti-social problems the country over, but we have been quietly developing a nice system that is less anti social whilst also offering one big, added bonus over other solutions out there...Ours can be switched off!Better still, you can select from off, quiet or loud burbles, on-the-fly. You can even do it live from your steering wheel whilst driving along the road if you have cruise control. So when you want that nice burble to announce your presence, its there, but when you want the car to be less conspicuous, like when you come in from a long drive at 3am, no problem, just disable them... on-the-fly.We are still very much against loud gunshot style noises when you lift the throttle and absolutely will not be offering them at all, but like all petrol heads, we love a nice burbly exhaust overrun sounds so we have created two levels of burbles, chosen specifically for the normal level of modifications fitted to the 2 litre Ecoboost engine. This system will have no negative effects on driveability or fuel economy and both levels are catalyst friendly. (Note: Decatted cars will naturally be louder)We simply call theses levels "Quiet" and "Loud". (Or your calibrator may refer to them as B1 and B2)Of course, everyones opinion of quiet and loud burbles varies, but if you think "Production BMW M series" style factory burbles as being somewhere around the medium scale you will be thinking along the right lines.How to purchase Multimaps with switchable burbles:1) Purchase as an upgrade to your Multimaps* calibration here on this page.2) Upgrade your Multimaps* calibration by utilising an unused E-tune on your account.(For this option, please contact us direct with your COBB calibration name and request we exchange an etune for burbles. Your calibration name can be found on your Accessport under "Tune/Installed map". )*Non multi-maps users can upgrade to multimaps and get burbles that way.**Upgrades are only available to the origional purchaser of the calibration. 

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MSD Focus ST Multimaps Accessport

COBB Accessport V3 - Ford Focus ST 250 (2.0 Ecoboost)

COBB Tuning

The COBB Accessport really is a firm favourite here and not just because it means the end user can install their own calibrations at home, but because the handset transforms the vehicle by adding the option of up to six gauges on screen at any time out of a list of literally hundreds. It also gives you data-logging and diagnostic facilities for reading codes and resetting KAM etc. The Accessport comes with COBB's OTS tunes built in and ready to go. Just choose the one that suits your supporting mods and away you go.But for us, the real power of Accessport comes when you also purchase an MSD Protune to go with it....We utilise the power of Accessport fully to bring you our own tried and tested calibrations that not only retain factory driveability but also bring in some additional awesome features, including the optional MSD Multimaps, which brings the ability to swap between MSD power stages in seconds (EG: Swop between 250, 280 and 300PS, live with the engine still running) using just the vehicles cruise control buttons (See videos tab below) and we also build into every MSD protune a minimum of two custom E-tunes, this means that once you have installed the calibration and got used to the extra power, we will then custom tune your car for you remotely to get the most from your supporting mods and fuel, remotely via emails, at no extra charge!The COBB Accessport and MSD custom tuning are a match made in heaven!MSD Pro-Tunes come as standard with these calibration featuresDIY Install and remove at home.Improved idle stabilityFactory driveability under all conditions.Faster sport mode throttle responseGear based torque targets enhance tractionCoolant temperature based rev limiters enabled.Launch control always active (No menu activation needed)Launch control RPM adjustable via cruise control buttonsBurnout Mode always availableFlat Foot Shifting always availableShift up light activated and enhanced (If eco shift disabled)Shutter grills coded out for safe, error code free removal.All engine protections remain in place.Comes with 2x E-Tune revisions included in the price.New adjustable traction control system available called "MSD-Trac"MSD tunes also come with these personalisation's available:Stop / Start system permanent disable option.Eco shift light permanent disable option.Catalyst Superheat disable options (Decat only) Flat Foot shifting default RPMMSD-Trac system default (On/Off) and default traction levels (1-8)Switchable burbles available at additional cost (Off/quiet/loud)Further information is available in the tabs at the bottom of this page:This is a complex product so we have tried to keep this main section as easy to follow as possible, and provided much more information down in the tabs below called "Power level" "Driving enhancements", "Accessport Features" and "videos / links" tabs further down this page for those customers who need more info. There is also a link to the dedicated Focus ST MK3/3.5 tuning page of our website where you can learn a whole lot more and see videos of customers installing, using and datalogging with these products.A video speaks a thousand words!   Be sure to check out the videos in the tabs down below.        

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NewDatalog Analysis - Ecoboost

Datalog analysis via e-mail

Motorsport Developments

We offer our customers a datalog analysis service to help pinpoint problems they are experiencing.This is commonly used by our COBB Accessport equipped clients but can certainly be extended to other platforms too at our technicians discretion.Once you have purchased this and received your invoice, you can simply send your datalog into us alongside a COMPREHENSIVE description of what you are looking for and roughly where in the log you experienced the issue:Please include data such as:SymptomGearSpeedRPMThrottle positionBoostThe more data you give us to pinpoint the issue, the easier it will be for us to drill down in the data to the time you experienced the issue.We aim to respond same day with an analysis if sent in before 1pm Monday - Friday. Note:Only buy this tuning time If one of our calibrators has specifically advised you to do so.

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