Fuel System parts

We stock a good range of the most commonly fitted fuel system parts for your Ford Escort RS Turbo from brands such as Airtec, Bosch and Deatschwerks.

AS Fuel Pump Bracket for Escort RS Turbo

Airtec / Autospecialist

Complete Petrol Pump Bracket ready to fit, Fits S1 & S2 RS TurboAt last no more searching breaker's yard's trying find a good second hand fuel pump bracket for your S2. AS has brought out their complete fuel pump bracket replacement made from high grade stainless steel once fitted no more corrosion problems.

£165.32£137.77 (ex. VAT)

Bosch 205 Fuel Pump - replacement for the Bosch 941


.This pump is an high flow external gravity fed unit and is intended for use below fuel tanks.It flows enough fuel for in excess of 380BHP on a Cosworth or most other vehicles running 5.5 bar or less of fuel pressure at peak power.Key Points:This is a genuine Bosch pump.This item comes in full retail packaging. Beware of pumps that do not.The price stated here is for the fuel pump ONLY. We are not fitting it for you at this price, although fitment is of course available by us if required. For further details please call us on 01253 508400.

£175.00£145.83 (ex. VAT)

Escort RS Turbo MFI S1 & S2 Bosch Injectors x 4


Set of 4 x Brand New Bosch KE Fuel Injectors as fitted to all Series 1 & 2 Ford Escort RS Turbos.These injectors are brand new in the boxes.These are genuine Bosch parts - NOT cheap copies. 

£196.52£163.77 (ex. VAT)