The Hybrid valve is back! In 1999, GFBs first Hybrid valve pioneered the dual port design, which was so successful the technology has since been adopted by most other brands. By staging the two venting outlets, at low valve lifts most of the air is recirculated. As the car is driven harder, the valve opens further and more of the atmosphere venting port is exposed for a louder sound.

As a benefit, this system makes it possible to use these valves on cars with sensitive airflow meters that often suffer issues such as backfiring and/or stalling, whilst still achieving the signature blow-off sound.

  • Dual staged venting outlets, can be configured for full recirc, 50/50, or full atmosphere operation using plugs provided
  • TMS Technology for up to 30% faster boost recovery on gearshift
  • Huge range of direct bolt-on kits
  • 100psi+ boost holding ability
  • Manufactured in Australia in accordance with ISO 9001

GFB Hybrid TMS Dual-Outlet Valve


The latest Smartstream 1.6 T-GDi engines fitted to Hyundai's i20 N and other models do not use a MAF sensor which means that you can vent to atmosphere for that blow-off sound, if you like, without causing any driveability issues or 'Check Engine' lights. The Hybrid TMS features dual outlets for full recirculation, 50/50, or full atmosphere venting. Configured with the supplied plugs for 3-stage sound control.

£184.49£153.74 (ex. VAT)