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We stock a great selection of cooling products for your Ford Escort Rs Cosworth, from great brands such as Airtec, Direnza, Garrett, Mishimoto, Pro Alloy and more.

AIRTEC Intercooler Stencil

Airtec / Autospecialist

Is your intercooler looking a bit run down?AIRTEC logo stencil for all AIRTEC intercoolers, freshen up the look of your intercooler.Stencils available for all AIRTEC intercoolers.Small logo size - (31 x 5cm) Ideal for Mini, Fiesta 1.6 Diesel, 1.0 EcoBoost (Stage 1)Medium logo (44 x 7cm) Ideal for Fiesta MK7 1.0 EcoBoost (Stage 2), Seat Sport, 2.0 TFSI, Astra, Renault Megane.Large logo (61 x 10cm) Ideal for Focus ST 225, Focus RS MK2, Astra VXR (Stage 3)Please note: Stencils are not model specific and can be used on any AIRTEC intercooler.

£15.75£13.13 (ex. VAT)

AIRTEC Intercooler Stencil

Is your intercooler looking a bit run down?AIRTEC logo stencil for all AIRTEC intercoolers, freshen up the look of your intercooler.Stencils available...

AIRTEC Intercooler & Radiator Polyurethane Fitting Kit

Airtec / Autospecialist

Fits:All CosworthsFinally a solution to fitting uprated Cosworth intercoolers and Radiators.Auto Specialists commissioned the Polyurethane bush masters Power Flex to make us replica Ford mounting bushes to replace the soft rubber bushes traditionally used, added with stainless inserts, stainless fixing bolts and washers.Reduce un-wanted Intercooler and radiator movement by up to 65%.

£28.89£24.08 (ex. VAT)

AS Intercooler Brackets for Escort Cosworth

Airtec / Autospecialist

Fits:Escort Cosworth4 mm thick and made in mirror finish stainless steel.These quality brackets replace the 2 small mild steel (usually rusty!) Ford Intercooler brackets and will not rust again!Comes complete with stainless steel fittings.

£33.08£27.57 (ex. VAT)

AIRTEC Italian Made Blower & Sucker Fans

Airtec / Autospecialist

Italian made Blower & Sucker fansBlower fan pushes the air through the radiator and the sucker fan pulls the air through the radiator.All the fans measure 2 inches height from centre & measure approx 1 inch on the outer edge.Please choose from options for desired size you require.

£74.95£62.46 (ex. VAT)

AIRTEC 50mm Core Cosworth Turbo Cooler

Airtec / Autospecialist

Fits:All Cosworths using RS500 style intercoolerAIRTEC's Cosworth turbo cooler has been designed to cool the super heated water which comes out of the turbo before it goes back to the water header tank. By fitting a turbo cooler you are increasing the efficiency of your cooling system and which in turn will help lower engine temperature. This turbo cooler simply bolts onto the top of the radiator, with no drilling required.Available in Pro-Series Black or Natural Silver

£144.65£120.54 (ex. VAT)

AIRTEC Cosworth Twin 11" Fans

Airtec / Autospecialist

Fits:All Cosworth radiators including standard Ford and all alloy aftermarket radiatorsCosworth twin 11" Italian made slim line fan upgrade comes complete with alloy mounting system with rotation logo's top and bottom of surround.Ideal for track or fast road and the perfect upgrade from original Ford fans which are heavier and louder than our new fan upgrade kit.These are perfect for any Cosworth, but especially Escort Cosworths where the original Ford fans are very close to bottom pulley when fitted with an RS500 style intercooler.Complete kit includes. 2 x 52mm wide fans, alloy light weight mounting surrounds with rotation logo's and fixing bolts.Approximate Dimensions:640mm width310mm height57mm thickness (at highest point 'motors') Please note: Cosworth fan frames, finish may vary

£208.32£173.60 (ex. VAT)

Pro Alloy Cosworth Auxiliary Turbo Cooler Upgrade

Pro Alloy

Our Turbo Cooler is an auxiliary radiator which is bolted to the top of the engine water radiator. Our RS500 Type Intercooler or similar needs to have been installed as the turbo cooler fits neatly between the intercooler pipework. The purpose of this cooler is to cool the super heated water as it exits the turbo, eliminating those boost related heat spikes. This water normally is returned to the header tank un-cooled when a turbo cooler is not used.By adding the turbo cooler you are effectively adding an extra 25% extra cooling area and capacity to the system thus significantly lowering the running temperature of the car.Fits Sierra and Escort Cosworth.

£296.40£247.00 (ex. VAT)

AIRTEC 62mm Core Escort Cosworth RS500 Style Intercooler Upgrade

Airtec / Autospecialist

As part of our expanding Escort Cosworth product range, AIRTEC Motorsport is proud to launch our intercooler upgrade suitable for track or fast road use.This full size RS500-style intercooler is suitable for the Escort Cosworth with the 62mm core ideal for all models up to Stage 3 (450bhp) cars.In order to ensure there is no noticeable loss in performance during extended periods of hard driving, we have developed a larger, freer-flowing intercooler that is a direct replacement for the smaller and more restrictive OEM item.Our solution to increasing the intercoolers size and performance within the confines of the limited space behind the bumper is based upon a high flow, single pass core with a huge 62mm depth. This offers a massive increase in overall capacity in comparison to the original intercooler, as well as a significant increase in frontal area over standard, which allows it to make the most of the air flow provided.Together with our high-flow, moulded one-piece cast end tanks to ensure flow is directed correctly and efficiently, the AIRTEC Motorsport intercooler offers much greater efficiency and volume over standard.It fits the original 60mm inlet and outlet pipes and the comprehensive fitting kit includes all the correct fixtures and fittings. The comprehensive fitting kit includes all the correct fixtures and fittings. The optional fitting kit includes uprated polyurethane mounting bushes to replace the soft rubber bushes usually used to reduce movement and flex.The intercooler is available in a Pro-Series Black or Natural Silver (with or without the AIRTEC logo).Dimensions:Width: 695mmHeight: 440mmDepth: 60mmFeatures:60mm thick track proven bar and plate coreAIRTEC cast end tanks for improved airflow and unbeatable strengthFitting takes less 1-2 hours, comes with fitting instructions3-year unlimited mileage warrantyAvailable in Pro-Series Satin Black or Natural SilverAIRTEC logo available at no extra chargePlease note: This will NOT fit the Sierra Cosworth

£413.38£344.48 (ex. VAT)

AIRTEC 100mm Core Top Feed Intercooler Upgrade for 3DR & Sapphire Cosworth

Airtec / Autospecialist

Fits:3DR & Sapphire CosworthEscort Cosworth (with front panel modification)AIRTEC's latest intercooler 'aka' The Gob Stopper is ideal for Stage3 Cosworths upwards.Features:Air-Ram scoop to aid airflow through the huge 100mm coreAvailable with 60mm pipe (standard) or 76mm pipes (RS500 size)Smooth 90 degree top pipes flow air into unique rounded bottom end tanks, for the best flowing intercooler available for the Cosworth YB to dateNo cutting or drilling required to fit, simple bolt in designPro-Series satin black for that ultimate stealth lookAIRTEC logo available at no extra costFitting kit consists of intercooler fittings & radiator relocation brackets & bolts - required to move radiator back to fit 100mm intercooler. Cost £24.95Intercooler alloy lowering spacers available if Auto Specialists inlet manifold fitted (or similar) lowers to correct height of throttle body. Cost £10 pair.

£601.91£501.59 (ex. VAT)

Pro Alloy Cosworth Motorsport Radiator

Pro Alloy

High Performance Alloy Water Radiator with easy fitment, this is a straight bolt on conversion, all standard hoses and fittings can be used.Twin row 48mm thick, high efficiency alloy core with all aluminium end tanks perfect for high pressure systems. This high performance core offers superior cooling characteristics over conventional 48mm, 2 row radiator upgrades as we adopt the latest in ‘wide port technology‘. This gives far greater fluid flow and is far less likely to block with sediment and rust. All Pro Alloy radiator cores are fully brazed in a controlled atmosphere process to comply with ISO 9001 quality assurance standards.Our end tanks have formed, rounded corners and do not have any nasty 90 degree bends. This eliminates the possibility of cavitation in the water flow and increases the flow rate and cooling characteristics of the radiator.Fits Sierra and Escort Cosworth.

£709.09£590.91 (ex. VAT)