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Oil Filter Magnets

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 The Dimple™Black Hole.

The Black Hole came about by trying various magnets to oil filters as a means to extract ferrous metal particles from the oil flow and have them locked in place by as powerful a magnetic force as possible. I tried various shaped magnets which included bars  with alternating poles like FilterMag® uses. The best results were with round magnets around 1/2" diameter and about 1/8" thick.

In placing magnets on a spin on oil filter, there are certain things that you have to consider. Every filter is not created equally, they have different shapes, diameters and lengths and I might add, clearances around and near the filter itself. FilterMag® does a good job on one side of the filter! What about the other half? There are some filters that FilterMag does not fit at all, what do you do then?

We wanted to design a system that could be used on any spin on filter out there. The Black Hole was born. 4 disks a half inch in diameter X 1/8 of an inch thick and each one is one and a half times more powerful than our H series magnets in the drain plugs!

With each magnet having its own zone of responsibility it takes care of that space like a Black Hole™ with its' powerful magnetic wave extending to the filter media. With all six mounted around the filter, regardless of the size of the oil filter, you have the best protection money can buy at a price which is often less than any other offering claiming to do something similar.   

4 Black Holes times 1.5 the power of an H magnet = 9 Times the attraction ability of the largest Dimple attached to your oil filter. The Black Hole works when the engine is running, The Dimple works all the time even when it's sitting.

We welcome people cutting open their used oil filters and seeing what metal particles were collected. We use a dremel tool on the smaller filters and a special cutter on the larger. A dremel could be used on all size filters if you wish. Use the round fiber metal cutting disk and start cutting 1/4" down from the neck and continue to cut the way round. Carefully remove the filter media without disturbing the particles on the inside of the can. You can peer into the can now and see for yourself the circular collection stations are, where the Black Holes were placed.

Because of the nature of high grade neodymium magnets, there can be no inscriptions or engraving done on the surface of this magnetic compound. Therefore they are smooth nickel plated disks with a dimple on the South pole of the magnet. We like the North pole facing the oil. The dimple side is facing you, this way you know the North pole is facing the oil. When you receive Black Holes from us you know your getting the real McCoy. They are separated from each other with a plastic disk to make them easier to separate them from each other.

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