ProSeries Black Stage 2 Airtec Fiesta Turbo Front mount Intercooler 'Designed for 200+ bhp'

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Stage 2 Black Pro-Series Airtec Fiesta Turbo Front mount Intercooler 'Designed for 200+ bhp'

T3 and T2 Turbo kit available please choose from options list, In the kit you will get everything you need. Intercooler, twin fans (11" & 6.6", fits onto standard rad) full brackets, jubilee clips and all bolts needed to fit.

This Intercooler was designed with 200+ bhp car in-mind running high boost and high act's (Air charge temperture) that needed cooling down

Due to the huge 60mm core and the increased size you do need to cut your front bumper, yes its that big!

Tested on our 230bhp Fiesta Track car and dyno'd at Torque of the devil rolling road with great results. Polished Finish

1. On day of testing our Fiesta Made 228.5 bhp and 298 Ibs/ft of torque and this was its first mapping session and has more to come, below are 3 dyno runs with In and out Intercooler tempertures. 

Run 1.Into Intercooler 112 degree's & Exit of Intercooler Temperture 32 degress.

Run 2.Into Intercooler 114 degree's & Exit of Intercooler Temperture 31 degress.

Run 3.Into Intercooler 120 degree's & Exit of Intercooler Temperture 34 degress.

As you can see from the results above the Stage 2 Intercooler works very well indeed.

Fitting. Depending on tools and mechanical skill about 2-3 hours ( 3+ hours for perfectionists ) Comes with full fitting kit and instructions .

Finished in Pro-Series stealth black fo that Ultimate sleeper look! looks also damn good on show car as well!

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