Respons TMS

The Respons direct fit bolt-on range covers a huge list of popular vehicles. You can also purchase a variety of hose and flange adaptors for custom fitments.


  • Patented Venting Bias Adjustment system - can be infinitely adjusted between full recirc (silent) and full atmosphere (loud)
  • Change the venting bias simply by twisting the adjustment ring
  • TMS Technology for up to 30% faster boost recovery on gearshift
  • Huge range of direct bolt-on kits
  • 100psi+ boost holding ability
  • Manufactured in Australia in accordance with ISO 9001

GFB Respons TMS adjustable bias venting diverter - BOV


The latest Smartstream 1.6 T-GDi engines fitted to Hyundai's i20 N and other models do not use a MAF sensor which means that you can vent to atmosphere for that blow-off sound, if you like, without causing any driveability issues or 'Check Engine' lights. This Respons TMS valve features dual-outlets with a full bias adjustment system that allows you to simply twist the adjustment ring on the valve body to alter the sound to your taste.

£237.01£197.51 (ex. VAT)