RP Lab - IAW Monitor

We at Motorsport Developments are now the Sole UK distributor of the fantastic IAW monitor products. The IAW Monitor is a very powerful serial datastream tool.

It can read, interpret, log and even scope all the data available through the factory provided diagnostic interface on ALL Weber Marelli IAW L8 & P8 series Ecu’s that are equipped with software allowing DataStream output (Such as Pectel amongst others)

In most Ford Cosworth ECU’s, you will be using a Pectel or similar derivative of the serial data communications protocol, and if you are not, your chip can be modified to provide it without touching your original engines maps. (At additional cost) Please be aware that normal Weber software does NOT provide this output as standard and the P8 needs an internal modification to allow the output from the software to work.

The parameters that you can read, datalog and scope are individually adjustable as is the sampling rate it can be recoded and displayed at. Available data logging time depends only upon the amount of free hard disk space available.
The data read can be shown in either a numerical display, a scope display, both, or as an "analogue" dash type display.
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