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Ford RS Cosworth Tuning Packages.

The Cosworth engine inside your vehicles engine bay is truly a legend within automotive history. The good news is that with over 20 years experience in tuning this engine, we can offer you a number of well refined tuning packages. We can tailor the chip fitted to your ECU to ensure all modifications are accommodated for and the vehicle runs as well as it possibly can.

Our tuning packages go right up to in excess of 700 BHP but as I am sure you can appreciate this is a conversion carried our rarely and is so bespoke it simply cannot be printed on paper as every owner and car will vary in their requirements so we have opted to print only the most common conversions we offer in house up to and including our 380BHP drive in drive out package.

Please refer to our tuning site for more information!

Cosworth 'Stage 1' Package 280BHP

Motorsport Developments

To suit all ECU variations including L1, L6, L8 and P8.Our Stage 1 package consists ofAn Evolution chip-31 Wastegate actuatorFull Fitting instructionA mapping sheet will be emailed to you before the chip is written to allow us to calibrate the map to suit your specific needs.

£170.00£141.67 (ex. VAT)