DeatschWerks Injector Set: A4, Golf GTI, TT


Fuel Pressure Range40-100 psiMinimum Pulse Width1.2 msMaximum Duty Cycle91%Coil Impedance14.8 ohmInjector TypeBosch EV6 (standard)Connector TypeMinitimerNominal Static Flow RatePSI >4358708090100cc/min542630709763821859lb/hr51.660.067.572.778.281.8 Please note: Flow rates listed are the nominal (normal minimum) rates for this injector part number. All sets are flow balanced. For actual flow rates of your set, please refer to the flow report that will accompany your order.Offset in Milliseconds (Pressure vs Voltage)  PSI >Volts v435870809010081.601.792.122.302.372.5291.301.511.551.771.931.95100.991.301.361.501.641.60110.801.101.171.301.391.27120.690.951. take a unique approach to high flow fuel injectors. The competitors offer only a couple different styles and sizes of injectors. Their customers are left to their own means to choose the right injector and figure out how to fit them to their car. Making a universal injector fit can be time consuming and often involves expensive fuel rails, spacers, o-rings, and electrical connectors. At DeatschWerks, injector offering is application specific. Their injectors are engineered to fit your OE harness, OE fuel rail and OE manifold. DeatschWerks customers will spend less time installing, less time tuning, and more time enjoying the increased performance of their car.DeatschWerks fitment is application specific, but quality is always universal. Your needs may vary from 440cc or 35 lb injectors for a mild bolt-on turbo daily driver to 2200cc or 200 lb injectors for a fully-built 1000hp track monster. Either way, you get the same attention to detail and quality.Beta-testing  Before a new application is released, DW put the injectors in the hands of the best tuners for that specific application. They work with them closely and collect their feedback and make any necessary changes in fitment or flow characteristics. DW do this so that when the new application is released, their end customers have as great a success as possible.QA testing  every injector that is thoroughly tested in-house. They perform a battery of over 20 different tests on every injector. These tests cover every aspect of the fuel injector including: flow rates, coil operation, atomization, spray pattern, and physical attributes.Flow matching  DW only produce injectors in matched sets. They started this before anyone else in the industry and still do it today. DeatschWerks injectors are not only matched statically (open flow), but also dynamically (pulsed flow). In addition, larger sized injectors get dynamic matching at 3 different pulse widths because when you are dealing with over 1,000cc/min of flow, even small variances can make a big difference in performance.Warranty and Tech Support - DeatschWerks back all of their injectors with a comprehensive 3-year warranty.This product is compatible with the following vehiclesAPPLICATIONSVehicle MakeVehicle ModelVehicle VariantFromToEngineNotesAudiA4B620022006BFB1.8L - FWD PetrolAudiA4B620032006BFB1.8L Quattro - 4WD PetrolAudiTT8N20032005AUM1.8L - FWD PetrolAudiTT8N20042005AJQ1.8L - FWD PetrolAudiTT8N20042005AUQ1.8L - FWD PetrolAudiTT8N20042005AWP1.8L - FWD PetrolAudiTT8N20042005ARY1.8L - FWD PetrolAudiTT8N20042005APP1.8L - FWD PetrolAudiTT8N20042005ATC1.8L - FWD PetrolAudiTT8N20052006BVP1.8L - FWD PetrolAudiTT8N20052006BVR1.8L - FWD PetrolAudiTT8N20052006BVR1.8L - 4WD PetrolAudiTT8N20052006BFV1.8L Sport - 4WD PetrolVolkswagenGolfMK 420002006AUM1.8L T - FWD PetrolVolkswagenGolfMK 420002006AWD1.8L T - FWD PetrolVolkswagenGolfMK 420002006AGU1.8L T - FWD PetrolVolkswagenGolfMK 420002006AQA1.8L T - FWD PetrolVolkswagenGolfMK 420002006ARZ1.8L T - FWD Petrol

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