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Gizzmo MS-IBC Version 4 OLED Compact Multi Scramble Intelligent Boost Controller MSIBC

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In developing the MS-IBC Boost Controller, the aim was to design and engineer a boost controller that would cater to the serious drag racing professional, whilst still being quite at home on the streets. Gizzmo succeeded.  The MS-IBC Boost Controller is packed with the serious features that can be utilized in the real world of drag and circuit racing like 3.5 bar of boost control, a clear digital boost gauge with an over boost warning and a remote Facility to either toggle the high speed boost change memories or operate the Gizzmo Multi-Scramble feature.Gizzmos Multi-Scramble Boost Controller takes the conventional scramble feature one step further. A conventional scramble allows the user, upon pressing a button, to set a fixed amount of over boost and time duration e.g. 3lb extra for 5sec.Gizzmos Multi-Scramble function allows the user to operate the button again before the scramble time has completed adding the same amount of boost again and refreshing the time duration. Another major improvement is the live boost display in the setup stage. When setting duty you can remain in the duty menu and drive the car. As boost builds it is shown on the screen. In real time you can now increase the duty until you hit the desired boost BEFORE coming out of this menu and allowing the controller to enter closed loop. All of this plus closed/open loop modes packed into a great looking boost controller that is so easy to fit and operate.We've upped the bar. With the 4th major revision of the MSIBC we've focused on further reducing the size and making it much more pleasant to use by employing an extra button and OLED display.In every regard the V4 looses none of the MSIBC-V3's strengths and only builds on the already strong foundation of the MSIBC-V3. Like the MSIBC-V3, the V4 can endure 52psi of boost pressure,  has 16bit processing power and even sharesthe exact same connector, so you can unplug a MSIBC-V3 and plug the V4 straight in.Adjustable boost up to 52lb (3.5bar) Multi Scramble Boost Control Remote Scramble/Boost Memory button facility Over-Boost warning Selectable open/closed loop boost control 6 Boost Memories 16bit High Speed RISC Processor White 7 segment LED display White backlit buttons Real Time digital boost gauge Simple 2-Wire Installation Suits Internal or External WastegatesComes complete with all fittingsComplete with bracket for easy mounting What are you waiting for?? The competition won't like this!!!  

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