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NGK 6510 LTR7IX-11 Iridium IX Spark Plug


NGK LTR7IX-11 (6510) - Iridium IX Spark Plug - Taper Cut Ground ElectrodeDesigned specifically for the performance enthusiast Iridium IX offers extreme ignitability, improved throttle response and superior anti fouling.NGK is the brand leader in the UK spark plug market and are the world's biggest supplier to many major car manufacturers. Each and every one of their products are designed to meet the most rigorous standards and are the professionals' choice because of their quality and technical excellence. Their plugs can be found in use by teams in F1, WRC and MotoGP. Put simply, NGK genuine spark plugs are the workhorse at the heart of smooth-running engines around the world.The NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs utilise a 0.6mm laser welded fine iridium tip which ensures high durability and a consistently stable spark along with a tapered ground electrode which minimizes electrical quenching effect. The longer insulator nose prevents fouling, the corrugated ribs on the insulator prevent flashover and a triple gasket seal eliminates combustion gas leakage.This particular plug is often used as a one step colder performance upgrade for Ford Ecoboost engines such as:Focus ST MK3 2.0 litre ecoboostFocus RS MK3 2.3 litre ecoboostFiesta ST MK7 1.6 litre ecoboostFiesta ST MK8 1.5 litre ecoboostPuma ST 1.5 litre ecoboostWe offer these plugs in standard 1.1mm plug gap, or pre gapped down to better suit some of the vehicles we personally recommend them for as a one step colder performance solution. Please choose your gap from the menu.Please note - this advert is for one spark plug. Adjust quantity for your required amount.

£10.00£8.33 (ex. VAT)



When you want no noise, no nonsense just performance!GFB's DV+ diverter valve range offers a direct-fit performance solution for the weak factory diverter valves used on many modern vehicles. By retaining the factory ECU control and recirculating the vented air, the DV+ is a purely performance-orientated product.GFBs DV+ design solves the longevity and boost leaking issues that are common with factory diverter valves, and also changes the operation method to pilot actuation to ensure better performance on stock or modified engines.Furthermore, these benefits wont cost you the Earth! Rather than throwing the entire factory diverter valve system in the bin (like other manufacturers solutions), the DV+ keeps what works and replaces what doesnt. It retains the factory solenoid and ECU control to ensure simple installation and reliable operation.10% faster opening, 50% faster closing than the factory diverterRetains the factory solenoid for seamless integrationReplaces plastic valve parts with metal for reliability and strength on stock or modified enginesDirect-fit replacement with GFBs TMS benefitsExclusive pilot-actuated valve mechanism for rapid response at high boost

£129.16£107.63 (ex. VAT)
Turbosmart Kompact recirc BOV at MSD

Turbosmart Kompact Shortie BOV


Kompact Shortie Plumb Back (Recirc) - TS-0203-1261Turbosmart Shortie Kompact Series valves have been specifically designed to suit BorgWarner EFR and KKK turbos. They also fit the popular Ford Ecoboost engines.Unlike the standard, plastic valves that use un-reinforced diaphragms and are known to crack under increased boost, the new BW/KKK/Ecoboost Kompact valves use O-Ring sealed piston which, coupled with their billet aluminium construction give them over 30PSI boost handling capability.Designed as a bolt-on replacement of the factory valve on all BorgWarner EFR, KKK and most Ecoboost turbos, the Kompact Shortie Plumb Back provides better boost response and greater boost handling capability.Kompact Shortie Dual Port (Hiss) - TS-0203-1061A fixed 50/50 vented valve, the Turbosmart Shortie Kompact Dual Port valves have been specifically designed to suit BorgWarner EFR and KKK turbos. They also fit the popular Ford Ecoboost engines.Unlike the standard, plastic valves that use un-reinforced diaphragms and are known to crack under increased boost, the new BW/KKK/Ecoboost Kompact valves use O-Ring sealed piston which, coupled with their billet aluminium construction give them over 30PSI boost handling capability.Designed as a bolt-on replacement of the factory valve on all BorgWarner EFR, KKK and most Ecoboost turbos, the Kompact Shortie Dual Port provides better boost response and greater boost handling capability.

£142.74£118.95 (ex. VAT)
4h-Tech Focus RS Short shifter at MSD

4H-tech MMT6 Short Shifter for MK3 Ford Focus ST250 and Focus RS


This 4H-TECH MMT6-Shift is especially designed for the Ford Focus ST from 2012 and younger and also fits the Ford Focus RS 4WD. (mk3)It makes faster shifting in gears possible. Also known as quick shifter.By fitting this shift linkage you will have a gear throw shortening of about 25%. This seems not much, but after many test drives and calculations it is the best shortening for the Focus ST and RS.The factory gear stick model and height remains unchanged. The short shifter will be fitted on top of the gearbox where the shift linkage is located. Fitting is easy and simple. Gear changes are much quicker and precise. One of the must have modifications to your Focus ST and RS!No Aluminium!We see that many different types of short shifters are being sold for the Ford Focus ST and RS, and they are all made from Aluminium. Our short shifters are made from high quality steel. Not from Aluminium. Aluminium is not suitable for a good working short shifter. A shifter system needs a counter weight to shift gears smoothly. Aluminium has no weight, so gear changes will get harder that way. Besides the weight advantage is steel much stronger and will last a life time. We design and manufacture short shifters for many car types. We know what we are talking about. Get your car a proper 4H-TECH Short Shifter, the best shifters money can buy!Features:    Improves performance    Faster Shifting    Made in the Netherlands by 4H-TECH    25% Shortened gear throw    Easy to install and operate    Completely reversible to stock    Made of very high quality steel.    4H-TECH RED structure powder coating finish    No modification necessary to the gear stick itself.    No re-adjustments necessary.    4H-TECH counter weight system for very easy gear changes.    Patented DesignIncludes:    Shift linkage    Fitting guide    4H-TECH StickerApplications:    Ford Focus ST mk3 (2012 -2018 )    Ford Focus RS mk3 (2016 -2018)Product Installation Instructions:    Click Here for Installation Instructions for this Product.    Spring pin size:  6mm (info when ordering a drift punche tool)

£153.94£128.28 (ex. VAT)

Steeda Focus Performance springs


Steeda Focus Lowering Springs for the 2012-2013 Focus are CNC wound in the United States with high tensile strength chrome-silicon spring wire. They are then heat treated, shot peened, re-heat treated, and finally powder-coated to ensure no spring sag during over the course of their service life, while also providing excellent corrosion resistance.Put real handling into your Focus with Steeda Focus Lowering Springs for 2012-2013 Focus. These precision-engineered springs lower the Focus 1" in the front and. 0.8" in the rear to lower the center of gravity, and improve overall vehicle appearance. Greatly improves the feel of the uninspiring factory suspension spring rates by improving traction , reducing built in understeer, and improving cornering ability.One of the important aspects of Steeda Focus Lowering Springs for 2012-2013 Focus is the front to rear balance. Like most front wheel drive cars the Focus is prone to severe understeer when pushed to the limit. Steeda springs increase the rear spring rate proportionally more than they increase the front spring rate. This reduces the understeer considerably, while still being conservative enough to produce mild understeer at the limit so that the car is easy to drive.Product FeaturesReduced body rollLess nose diveIncrease tractionReduce understeer considerablyOverall improved handlingComes with a LIFETIME warrantyNOTE: Does NOT Fit Focus ST or RSTime of Install4 Hours Level of DifficultyTech Recommended Tools NeededShop ToolsSteeda part: 555-8301

£166.80£139.00 (ex. VAT)

Ford Sierra Cosworth 2wd Uprated Alloy Engine Mounts


A  pair of the excellent Collins Uprated Engine mounts for all 2wd Ford Sierra CosworthsFar less harsh than most of the competition yet retaining all the engine control required when you increase the horsepower of your cosworth. These units are brand new. They are made from billet HE30 aluminium and contains a top quality rubber bush that is used on all Collins engine and gearbox mounts which will last for many years.Please Note:Don't be fooled into buying and fitting substandard products by people selling them whom don't work on these cars. We have worked on these cars for in excess of ten years and only sell parts of known quality that we have personal experience of and regularly supply and fit ourselves in our workshop.

£210.00£175.00 (ex. VAT)
MSD Focus ST Multimaps Accessport

COBB Accessport V3 - Ford Focus ST 250 (2.0 Ecoboost)

COBB Tuning

The COBB Accessport really is a firm favourite here and not just because it means the end user can install their own calibrations at home, but because the handset transforms the vehicle by adding the option of up to six gauges on screen at any time out of a list of literally hundreds. It also gives you data-logging and diagnostic facilities for reading codes and resetting KAM etc. The Accessport comes with COBB's OTS tunes built in and ready to go. Just choose the one that suits your supporting mods and away you go.But for us, the real power of Accessport comes when you also purchase an MSD Protune to go with it....We utilise the power of Accessport fully to bring you our own tried and tested calibrations that not only retain factory driveability but also bring in some additional awesome features, including the optional MSD Multimaps, which brings the ability to swap between MSD power stages in seconds (EG: Swop between 250, 280 and 300PS, live with the engine still running) using just the vehicles cruise control buttons (See videos tab below) and we also build into every MSD protune a minimum of two custom E-tunes, this means that once you have installed the calibration and got used to the extra power, we will then custom tune your car for you remotely to get the most from your supporting mods and fuel, remotely via emails, at no extra charge!The COBB Accessport and MSD custom tuning are a match made in heaven!MSD Pro-Tunes come as standard with these calibration featuresDIY Install and remove at home.Improved idle stabilityFactory driveability under all conditions.Faster sport mode throttle responseGear based torque targets enhance tractionCoolant temperature based rev limiters enabled.Launch control always active (No menu activation needed)Launch control RPM adjustable via cruise control buttonsBurnout Mode always availableFlat Foot Shifting always availableShift up light activated and enhanced (If eco shift disabled)Shutter grills coded out for safe, error code free removal.All engine protections remain in place.Comes with 2x E-Tune revisions included in the price.New adjustable traction control system available called "MSD-Trac"MSD tunes also come with these personalisation's available:Stop / Start system permanent disable option.Eco shift light permanent disable option.Catalyst Superheat disable options (Decat only) Flat Foot shifting default RPMMSD-Trac system default (On/Off) and default traction levels (1-8)Switchable burbles available at additional cost (Off/quiet/loud)Further information is available in the tabs at the bottom of this page:This is a complex product so we have tried to keep this main section as easy to follow as possible, and provided much more information down in the tabs below called "Power level" "Driving enhancements", "Accessport Features" and "videos / links" tabs further down this page for those customers who need more info. There is also a link to the dedicated Focus ST MK3/3.5 tuning page of our website where you can learn a whole lot more and see videos of customers installing, using and datalogging with these products.A video speaks a thousand words!   Be sure to check out the videos in the tabs down below.        

£625.00£520.83 (ex. VAT)

Focus RS MK3 Intercooler - Pro Alloy

Pro Alloy

Even though we were one of the lucky few to get our hands on one of the first RS MK3's in the country, we decided to take our time with our new line of products and make them right. When fitting upgraded parts to a car hot off the production line, you'll be after the very best in quality, which is why (as always) we've designed our parts to fit to the same precision as the OEM part. No chopping or grinding to your car, a straight bolt on fitment, with comprehensive step by step fitting instructions included to make the job simple.The new all aluminium Intercooler features a large air scoop surrounding the core face to grab all the incoming air from the RS's front bumper, ramming it through the light weight tube and fin core. The end tanks are designed for maximum flow and strength and are shaped to guide the air through the core with as little resistance as possible. Each end tank is individually hand crafted by our team of Engineers, with precision TIG welding on the inside and outside of the tanks. This helps to improve charge air flow through the internal surfaces, as well as making them ultra strong - a massive improvement over the weak, OE crimped on, plastic part.Dimension differencesThe overall size of the unit has grown drastically, the stats below show how much more core we've managed to fit behind the front bumper.Standard Intercooler vs. Pro Alloy Intercooler key details:Standard Intercooler Core Details:    1 off Intercooler @ 615 x 195mm    Single Row Core    11 Live Tubes    External Tube size                = 80mm x 10mm    Internal Tube Size                = 79.6mm x 9.6mm   Pro Alloy Intercooler Core Details:    1 off Intercooler @ 680 x 220mm    Twin Row Core    28 Live Tubes    External Tube size                = 50mm x 8mm    Internal Tube Size                = 49.2mm x 7.2mmCalculated External Surface Area & Internal Flow Comparison:    24.9% Increase in external core surface area when the Pro Alloy Intercooler is compared to the standard Intercooler.    23.8% Increase in internal flow area when the Pro Alloy Intercooler is compared to the standard Intercooler.Results from testingFor months we gathered data to see how our new creation stacks up against the OEM unit. Controlled test on the Dyno as well on the road data logging. With a larger more efficient core and efficient end tank design the results are impressive. As well as our own testing we supplied a prototype kit to a well known Focus tuning specialist to enable them to compare our new kit to some of the other well known brands. The Dyno graph shows how the new kit stacks up against the competition.The dyno graph shows a 30% improvement in cooling efficiency when compared to the OEM intercooler and a 10% improvement when compared to the other aftermarket intercoolers.The 'fit and forget' bolt on type of fitting also makes the installation easily reversible if you want to return back to standard. All our intercoolers are pressure tested to insure they can handle the required boost pressures they're up against once installed. As with all our products, this is covered by our warranty policy to back up our confidence in our products.Available in satin silver or satin black, with or without core face logo.

£969.08£807.57 (ex. VAT)